Steps To Do Before Putting Your Car In A Storage Facility

A car has been one of the most valuable and functional things that everyone owns. With this, you need a safe place for you to keep when you are away. This is the best decision that you can do to protect your car if you don’t have a secured garage or parking in your area. Using car storage facilities offers safe and monitored space for your car. Some car storage facilities have enclosed storage with drive-up access, a covered space, or a fenced parking lot.

Any car storage in Jacksonville, Florida can be a place to park your car for a couple of weeks or if you are looking for a second garage to store it.  Using a car storage is advantageous in many ways but still, it all depends on an individual’s needs.


You need to prepare first when you plan to let your car be placed in a car storage. Below are steps that will make your car comes out from the storage facility with the same condition the moment you left it. When followed, it is assured that your car will be in good condition and no damage that will incur when it is stored in a car storage facility.


Make sure to change the oil, filter, brake fluid and coolant. Engine oil has contaminants that, if not changed regularly, can damage your car’s engine.


  1. If you plan to store your car for several months then use a fuel stabilizer. It prevents gas from deteriorating and this is effective for a year.
  2. Do not forget to disconnect the battery. Cars drain their battery although it is not in use. It is really a waste when you replace the battery once you get it back from the storage facility. Try to drive your car for 15 minutes every two weeks. This will help maintain the battery and keep your its components lubricated.
  3. Remove the windshield wipers. The rubber on your windshield wipers sticks to the car’s windshield and this will leave a hard-to-remove residue. You may also place a plastic cover between the windshield and wipers but it is best to remove the whole wipers.
  4. Use a car cover because this prevents dust, dirt, and unwanted guests from getting inside your car.
  5. Always release your car’s parking brake. This is a must. If you leave your parking brake pads on for a long time, they can possibly fuse with the rotors.

This video is a sample car storage facility:

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