The Simple Guide To Finding the Perfect Self-Storage Unit

We had put almost all of our possessions in storage, which was a metaphor for being twenty, as were so many things.” – Lorrie Moore

Planning to go for a long distance move means leaving a lot of belongings behind. Sometimes you come to the point of selling off your things or give away everything we think is not practical to bring with us.

But, what can you do about those things that are too important to lose or have a high sentimental value?

This when an option of choosing a storage unit comes into mind. Storage units are pretty neat because you can access them anytime when you need to take out something out of it. How do you choose the perfect one? Well, let’s discuss that in this simple guide.


Check Your Needs


Firstly, you need to check your storage needs. What are the items that you’re planning to store? Is it furniture? Vehicles? Or appliances? If you’re able to determine what are the things that you need to store, you would know what type of unit can properly store them. You also need to think about climate conditions and whether the humidity level would affect the quality of your items or not. Some units have a climate-control feature which can be handy.



If you have decided on what type of unit you would go for, now, you need to check the features offered by your prospect facilities. Those with security features such as working cameras are advisable for they can guarantee the safety of your stored items. Other things that you might need to consider are: climate-controlled units, rental terms, door types and restrictions.

You can also try to consider the business hours so that it would be convenient for you to access your storage.

Location is Everything


If you live in a large city, the best unit would be one that’s off a major highway for it can give you easier access to return to your storage unit to take out or add some items. On the other hand, storage units in rural areas have a more affordable rate so, if you can go out of the city, this would probably be the best choice.


Customer Reviews


Another way to help you with your decision is to check out customer reviews of storage facilities that you are choosing from. Reviews can give you an understanding of the level of service that you could expect in case you would go through with it. However, not all customer reviews are truthful. You must need to look at the whole picture and not let one bad review change your mind.

If ever you need to rent a storage unit, just remember this simple guide and you would have a peace of mind.


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