8 Keys To A Perfect Move In Jacksonville

Moving from home is always an odyssey, but it has never been that easy. Below are the 8 keys to a perfect move in Jacksonville. In addition to defining a smooth move, you should choose the best moving time and date, and a professional moving company.

Clean up

The first task of the moving plan should always be an intensive session of order and cleanliness, with the aim of making the whole transfer process more efficient and dealing only with objects that have some utility in the new home. Moving things that do not have a value from one home to another only adds costs and causes unnecessary effort.  So, throw or donate what you no longer want in your new home, and pack only what is necessary. If you have to arrange something, do it and pick it up and have it installed.


Pack with order

Keeping all your stuff in boxes and suitcases is the heaviest thing to do in moving. In fact, to get everything ready, you need to start packing at least three weeks in advance. You start by packing into boxes everything that does not need for your everyday life: books, clothes last season, white, ornaments, dishes. You can store your stuff by object type or room to which they belong, as you prefer. Nothing remembers well so marked each box with its contents or the area to which it belongs (preferably two or three sides to make it easier to locate later).  And if you can make a more detailed list of what goes in that box, on a sheet or on the computer, then that is absolutely incredible.

Plan and leave everything ready

The night before the move, you will go a long way if you plan and save time. For example, you can unplug the refrigerator and all the last appliances that are connected, you can leave your car away from the place where the truck will be parked, throw all the trash and overtake carrying some things to your car. And of course, it will be important that you verify – beforehand – that your furniture fit through the doors and/or elevators. If they do not, notify the movers in advance so they can carry ropes and everything they need.

Be ready

Prepare a suitcase with your clothes and that of your partner or family – the one they used on the day of the move and the next one – hygiene products, toilet paper, towels, sheets, blankets. Plan what you need to have on hand for that day and the night, so you do not have to get everything out of the boxes.

Remember to wrap very well

Remember to wrap very well – in plastic with bubbles, newspaper, sheets – all fragile objects that can break. Do it individually, so they are better protected. Keep all the fragile in the same box, which you should mark with the legend “fragile” by several faces of it.


Take care of your furniture

To prevent wood furniture from scratching, it is best to wrap them in plastic with tape or with blankets. It is certainly a job that requires more effort, but it will help you take care of your furniture and you will be calmer. Another issue is how to jam the drawers and doors so they do not open during transport. It is best to lock them but if they have, you can use adhesive tape anything, care, lest lift the varnish or paint when removed.

Your new home, ready

Before moving, it is very important and effective that your new home is ready: painted, with new carpet, installed shelves and with all the arrangements that require facts. Thus, as soon as the furniture arrives, you can place them without major problem on the site that you chose for them. 

Unpacking easily

Ask the moving company to first locate the furniture in place and then lower the boxes, depositing them in the bedroom or area where they belong (you will know why you have marked them). Thus everything will be arranged in the right place. Dust off and clean nice furniture, shelves, closets and as you begin to unpack, go put everything in place and thwarts the boxes to whet space. You will see that you end up very fast if everything is organized and you are getting up as you get things done.

With these keys for a perfect move, you will change to a simple and organized way of moving. If you can think of another one, share it!

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